Custom Equipment & Equipment Modifications
We design and build custom equipment based on your technical and budgetary needs. Our experience with mechanical systems, fluid handling, control/monitoring systems, and ultra-clean, ultra-pure processes uniquely qualifies us to address virtually any equipment need in high-tech manufacturing, including clean room and Class I Division I/II areas. We design our equipment and its use to be safe, quick, simple, and reliable.

When modifying existing equipment, we apply the same skills used in ground-up design with the addition of special attention to maintain minimum footprint and minimum impact to tool functionality. We modify production equipment to improve safety, automation, throughput, reliability, uptime, yield, and/or process. With our experience in equipment validation, we assist in the quick return of equipment to production.

Custom Components
We are an OEM supplier of specialty components to equipment manufacturers. We develop and provide custom elements and subsystems with functionality and value not available off the shelf. Our experience with specialty materials, applied physics, and solid modeling has led us to provide improved performance at reduced cost.

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