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Photoresist Validation System

PR/Protect photoresist barcode monitor is a chemical authentication system that protects product from being processed with incorrect or expired chemicals. It can be configured to protect nearly any process from out of spec chemicals.

In the photolithography area of microelectronics, the Monitor offers an end to persistent, costly scrapping of wafers that are processed after being coated with the wrong photoresist. When a chem tech brings a bottle of resist to replace an empty bottle, the system verifies that:

If any condition is not satisfied, the Monitor will prevent the coater from processing wafers and call attention to the problem.

PR/Protect is a stand alone, modular, serverless system that is easy to integrate within the coater with a zero-footprint. As currently configured, it interfaces seamlessly with TEL Mark 8 coaters, but can be configured to protect wafers on any coater.

PR/Protect is based on a first generation system with a continuing, long track record of protecting coaters. The first generation system boasts zero misplaced resist incidents in over 12 years of service.

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